The Writing Life


Before art making took over, writing was a way to translate a life engaged in process. Each of the books included here is a labor of love that embraces and shares a particular point of view. Another, Shreds and Shards, remains unpublished along with Blessings and Curse – Then What Happens? about to be written.

Books include: Two essays in My Mother-Myself: Glimpses into The Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationship, Bobbie Spivey, Billie Ruth Furuichi and Edy Henderson, River Sanctuary Publishing, 2015, Dramatic Psychological Storytelling: Using the Expressive Arts and Psychotheatrics (with Rob Allen, Palgrave Macmillan 2007), Edgewalkers: Defusing Cultural Boundaries on the New Global Frontier (New Horizon Press 1999), Changing Woman Changing Work (Mac Murray & Beck, 1993), Psychotheatrics, the New Art of Self-Transformation (with Rob Allen, Garland STPM Press 1979.